Situated just a few miles from the beautiful heritage Suffolk coast, Crown Nursery specialises in growing trees – native, ornamental and fruit – with all sizes from youthful whips to splendid semi mature specimens for sale.

Based in Ufford, Suffolk for over 50 years, we stock a fantastic range of plants in our well-established  Nursery that is inspected regularly by DEFRA.


Give the UK butterflies a little help:


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The UK butterflies need a little help!

22nd July

Three-quarters of UK butterflies are in decline and one-third in danger of extinction. The continued loss of their habitat is …
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Summer has arrived …. for now

17th June

We are loving this glorious weather and making the most of it, while it lasts!  The plants are all growing …
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Magnificent magnolia, wonderful wisteria and lovely lilacs!

1st April

We have recently taken delivery of lots of beautiful plants which will provide any garden with a profusion of spring …
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 PLANT OF THE MONTH – Lavandula angustifolia ‘Melissa Lilac’

Lavender is a perfect evergreen shrub which will take around 3 to 5 year to reach its mature size. It likes hot conditions and is in the same family as Rosemary. Lavender makes an excellent plant for ‘Companion Planting’. Plant it near your crops to control pests. Lavender will attract beneficial insects whose larva will eat aphids, and the scented foliage can help disguise the scent of the crop it is growing with, and so confuse the pests as they are about to lay their eggs.

Lavandula angustifolia ‘Melissa Lilac’ is a lovely lavender with large, violet coloured flowers in summer. With long, rounded, aromatic, silver-grey foliage it is ideal for edging paths and borders. It can also be clipped to give a more formal sphere shape. Highly attractive to butterflies and bees, this plant likes a sunny spot! Will grow to around 50cm in height.

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