By Jill | May 4th, 2012

What an incredible week!   We have had over 2 inches of rain at the nursery – the place is sodden – parts of it look like the Battle of the Somme!!

I suppose it was obvious that the moment the hosepipe ban was brought in – it would start raining – but this is excessive!   The nursery is also on a considerable slope – and the water runs downhill like a torrent!!

Still – we have not had to do any irrigation – and at least the soil is now well and truly moist!   There is now water in ditches and ponds that have been dry for eighteen months – but we do still need water to top up the aquifers – and that will take up to six months to seap through – so I doubt that the hosepipe ban will be lifted anytime soon.

Once this weather passes – and it will – it should be a decent growing season – we were worried in March that plants would be very short of water – but at the moment there is a good reservoir of moisture available.

This weather has allowed us to push on with potting of trees, cuttings and seed-sowing and also lots of potting on – so all is not lost – there is always something that can be done – no matter what the weather!



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