Fruit Trees

Demand for and interest in homegrown fruit has increased greatly in recent years. This is perhaps due to:

  • Increased awareness of the benefits and importance of fresh fruit inour diets for health, fitness and longevity
  • Concern over the use of chemicals and treatments by commercial growers
  • Appreciation and satisfaction of the improved flavour of freshly gathered fruit
  • Interest in older and less common varieties, not available from shops.

Often these varieties do not exhibit the qualities required for transportation, shelf life, cosmetic attraction, productivity, but never the less grow well and taste good.

There is nothing better than fruit ripened naturally, hand picked and freshly eaten. You know how it has been grown, what has been put on it and how long it has been off the plant.

We look forward to being able to supply you.  The new season catalogue (2018) is available to dowload. We would recommend telephoning us to check stock availability and prices, which may vary from the catalogue information depending on current stock.

Please see links on the right for details of the varieties available on the nursery, subject to stock.

Our Fruit Tree Product Range