Medlar Trees

Medlars are an unusual fruit and an acquired taste!  The trees are highly decorative, making an umbrella, flat top-like specimen, with little or no pruning necessary.   Beautiful, large white flowers, with deep red anthers.  Rich golden yellow autumnal colouring.  Collect fruit October/November and store in a cool place for about a month, until soft – “Bletted” – make excellent jams or jelly.

90/120cm trees and 1.5/1.8m trees available. Often larger specimens are also available.

 Mespilus germanica

Related to pears, medlars are unusual fruits and the trees are highly decorative. After making an initial framework, no additional pruning is required. A heavy cropping, pyramid shaped tree, the fruit is usually ready for picking in October, but dessert quality fruit should be stored until soft to make it palatable. For jelly the fruit must be well ripened.

Mespilus ‘Nottingham’  

Heavy cropping, the fruit is usually ready for picking in October.


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