Mulberries are easy to grow.  They bear heavy crops and have few disease or pest problems.  They tolerate most soils, providing they are well drained.  Although fairly hardy, when young they many need protection from cold winds.  Mulberries fruit in late July/August.

Black Mulberry  – Morus nigra

Deciduous, small, round headed tree, becoming gnarled, twisted and spreading with age. Very long lived. Heart shaped dark green leaves are downy on the underside, turn yellow in autumn. Bears edible, oval, succulent, dark purplish black fruits in late summer or early autumn.

White Mulberry – Morus alba

A smaller and sweeter-fruited cousin of the Black Mulberry.  Pink-flushed white fruit is produced in great abundance on a bushy tree.  It is this fruit that is the ’round and round the mulberry bush’!


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