By Jill | March 29th, 2010

Hello – well the clocks have gone forward – we are past March 21st – by every method -old country folklore or official – it is now SPRING!!

After the long cold winter – we are all perhaps looking forward to spring more this year than any other. The DAFFODILS on the verge outside the nursery are superb again – as the photo shows. Yes, of course everybody seems to have them – but what else gives such a bold early show and is so weather resistant??

With the rising temperatures – and the odd shower – the ground is superb for work in the garden at the moment. An excellent time to get those plants in the ground before it gets too dry for them to establish properly.

Here at the nursery, we remain extremely busy – and on all fronts – the last few pieces of HEDGING – the last of the BARE-ROOT SOFT FRUIT PLANTS -not to mention the many wonderful ornamental blossom trees and shrubs that are now starting to enter the scene.

We are all working hard at the nursery – trying to get the sales area restocked as fast as we can – but we are out of stock of many items now – so don’t leave it much longer if you want that special plant from our catalogues – we may no longer have it available!

This is a fabulous time of year – yes – of course there will be cold spells and bad days – but the calendar is firmly heading away from winter – and no cold spell will last long any more. The extra hour of daylight gives us all the opportunity to get out in our gardens after work – and push on with those final tasks before another growing season really sets in!

Get out in your garden and ENJOY IT – I CERTAINLY INTEND TOO!!



By Jill | March 20th, 2010

Hello – talk about March madness – more like March mayhem!! We have just come out of the busiest week at the nursery so far this season!

A cracking combination of good weather – and the need to push on and get all those trees and hedging plants in the ground – has led to a manic time here at the nursery.

There have been a couple of days this week – when I have not really been certain whether I have been coming or going (some people think I am like that all the time!) – but we have certainly seen an enormous amount of stuff going out of the gates.

We have had some lovely days this week too – Monday and Tuesday particularly – the temperature reached the balmy heights of 15c – incredible when you think how cold it was last month – and a little overnight rain has kept things in form – and the ground in a workable condition.

I have said constantly over the last few weeks – that if you want to plant a new HEDGE – then you need to crack on – before we sell out. This will be THE LAST TIME I shall say it though – since I do not imagine we will have much stock after next week.

We also are now SOLD OUT of PLUM ‘VICTORIA’ – – again!!! We managed to get some new stock in – but it sold out in 10 days – so it just proves the demand for this old favourite. We still have a FEW trees of OULINS GOLDEN GAGE though – but again – I doubt they will last long!!

However – it IS now time to think about ASPARAGUS!! We will have our usual superb BARE-ROOT CROWNS available soon. Two varieties – BACKLIM AND GIJNLIM – these are quality F1 Male Hybrids – that produce superb thick spears. These can be pre-ordered now – they are always very popular – and we only ever have LIMITED STOCK.
I will do a post on them when they are available – but if you definitely want some – don’t leave it too late – or they will all be gone!!

The long-range weather forecast suggests another mild week coming up – it’s just what we all need to encourage us out there – and make this the year of the garden of our dreams!!



By Jill | March 12th, 2010

Hello – a mostly dry – if chilly – week, here at the nursery – has helped us push on with some of those jobs that have been waiting for a long time.

MARCH MADNESS – Most people who know me think I am mad all of the year – but it is not me that I am talking about!! This madness is the great pressure to get all those outstanding jobs completed before a new gardening season really starts. Customers are pouring in – and our stock is flying out – so if you are planning a major planting session this spring – don’t leave it too late – otherwise you will not get the plants you want!!!

I have almost finished pruning the orchard – the trees have been there about 7 years now – and are really starting to look the part. The shapes of many of them are now set – and it is incredible to see the difference between the different rootstocks – and the bushes and half-standards.

There seems to be a huge amount of flower bud potential on them all this year – which should hopefully lead to a decent crop.

FRUIT TREES continue to be extremely popular – as does the SOFT FRUIT – we are now sold out of all currants – but still have decent stock of GOOSEBERRIES and RASPBERRIES. However, the stock situation is changing all the time – so by next week they may all be gone!!

We have a delivery of FERTILISER this week – and we now have a range of products available for you to feed your garden plants this spring. After such a wet winter – many of our plants are jolly hungry!! The cold and wet has leached many of the essential nutrients out of the soil – and they need to be replaced to ensure strong new growth.
We have got both organic and artificial feeds available – which applied now will get into the soil over the next few weeks.
While not wanting to push one product over the others – the ORGANIC types such as Chicken Pelleted Manure do tend to offer a SLOW-RELEASE of nutrients – over a 6-8 week period – while the artificial types tend to be more immediate.

It is a great time to clear beds and borders of the last of the debris from the winter – as well as pruning shrubs,roses and fruit trees – so why not do what I do – and clear the area – prune – and then feed – job done!!

It’s a busy old time – but effort put in now, will lead to a wonderful summer display – so get out there!!



By Jill | March 5th, 2010

Hello – what a lovely week!! A hint of spring – and the joys to come. We have actually had a whole week without rain – I believe the first since mid-November!!

We have enjoyed blue skies and sun for the most part – yes – there are frosts at night – but that is normal for this time of the year.

It just makes everybody feel so much better!!! And the plants love it too!!

The photo above is a little-known shrub that is looking good at the moment and that should be seen far more often – it is Cornus mas – the Cornelian Cherry. An early flowerer – but late this year due to the weather – the photo above does not really show how profuse the flowers are!! They are smothered in yellow starry flowers – with a musty scent – and the bonus of edible red fruit – although the birds will probably get there first!!

Out on the nursery this week – we have all been enjoying the warmth of the sun. Liz has completed the GRAFTING PROGRAMME – the Robinias are always the last item – and these are also one of our most popular trees – particularly the lovely Robinia ‘Frisia’ – the yellow and lime-green foliage tree that so many of us have in our gardens!!

Our new SHRUB CATALOGUE is now available online – and at the nursery – it has had a bit of a revamp – and now lists our range – and also all the Climbers and Wall Shrubs. Well worth a look!

We have also been busy POTTING UP new trees for growing on for the autumn/winter season 2010-2011 – yes – with trees we always need to be at least six months ahead of the game!!

Due to demand – we have managed to source some more VICTORIA PLUMS AND GREENGAGES – but these will definitely be the last of this season!! So come and grab them – once they have gone – they are gone – and it will be autumn before we have any more!

It is also LAST-CHANCE SALOON on the bare-root hedging – we are very close to being sold out of many items – so again – if you want to plant a HEDGE this spring – DO IT NOW!!

The long-range forecast suggests that next week will also be dry – so let us all get out in our gardens and make up for lost time!!

Get out there – and enjoy your garden!!


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