By Jill | January 26th, 2011


The weather may be grim – but we really are moving in the right direction – the bulbs are starting to come through – and here at Crown Nursery – we are starting to see the first flowers of a New Year!

There is much snobbery about HAZEL CATKINS – but I do not think that I have seen a better year for them – the hedges and the woods are turning yellow with them – they are such a simple thing – but oh so beautiful – and of course – the huge bonus is that you get an edible crop of nuts in the autumn as well – double delights!!!  If you favour scent – then the plant of the moment has to be the CHRISTMAS BOX – SARCOCOCCA – as the photo above shows – this has tiny white flowers – not much to look at – but boy what a scent!!   It drifts on the wind – a sweet heavy scent – on a compact evergreen bush – that will also have black berries in summer – a definite winner – it should be in every garden in my biased opinion!!!

This is a great time of year to plant these delightful shrubs – why not add some colour to your garden now!!




By Jill | January 21st, 2011

We are very pleased to have finalised our 2011 course programme.  Full details are on the website – but the next course is on Wednesday February 9th – from 10.30am to 12.30am – ‘GRAFT YOUR OWN TREE’ .  If you have ever wondered how we produce thousands of trees every year – then this could be the course for you!!   The ancient art of grafting really is amazing – how you can splice two pieces of wood together – and make a new tree!The beauty of this course – is that having mastered the techniques involved – you can then take your grafted tree home with you – and plant it in your garden – very few people can say that they have actually ‘grown that tree’ themselves!! 

Following on from this – on Wednesday February 23rd – from 10.30-12.30 comes the next in the line of our popular ‘WINTER PRUNING’ courses.  If you are totally confused about how to prune your fruit trees or your shrubs – then look no further – this is the course for you!!  Our courses are very informal and we are a very friendly bunch – you will meet fellow gardeners and hopefully – go away at the end of course brimming full of new knowledge!!  

To view our spring – summer and autumn programme – visit the courses section of the website.

To book on any of these courses – please phone the office on 01394 460755.




By Jill | January 12th, 2011

A New Year – and a new weather pattern!!   Before Christmas we battled against ice and snow – now it is just the wet stuff!!   Yes – it is nothing like the problems elsewhere in the world – but in our little corner it is jolly wet and sticky!!  

At least it is consistent!    We are still busily lifting hedging orders – and in a total contrast to pre-Christmas – when we could not get anything out of the ground since it was rock hard – now it just pulls out from the saturated soil!

We still have a good stock of most hedging items – but as always if you know what you are looking for – DO NOT DELAY – ORDER IN ADVANCE – TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT!

We also have a fresh selection of BARE-ROOT SOFT FRUIT in stock – and this is moving fast.  But the most popular of all at the moment remains FRUIT TREES – both BARE-ROOT and container-grown APPLES,PEARS,PLUMS,GAGES AND DAMSONS are currently in stock – as well as half-standard trees, we also have many of them as TRAINED TREES – ESPALIERS AND FANS E.T.C – but they will not be in stock for long – GET THEM IN THE GROUND AS SOON AS POSSIBLE – SO THEY CAN START TO MAKE ROOTS BEFORE SPRING ARRIVES. 

It may be wet, it may be grim – but spring is in sight – the Snowdrops and Aconites are just starting to poke through the soil – and a new season will soon be upon us.

Make sure you enjoy it to the full!!!




By Jill | January 12th, 2011

It has returned!!   I am very pleased to be able to resume the Crown Nursery blog.  In between changing between websites – the blog had been temporarily put on hold – but now all things are working again – and here we go – just in time to start a New Year!!!

So, firstly – a very HAPPY NEW YEAR to you all!!   There have been a few staff changes here at the nursery since my last post – so we extend a very warm welcome to DAVID who has joined us here on the nursery, and to SIMON who has joined the landscape side. Hopefully they will both have a lot of fun with us – we are a very friendly bunch really – yes – really!!! 

Other than that – it has been Crown Nursery vs the Great British Weather for most of the time – it has been the coldest December I can ever remember.   In my years in this industry, I have never been so cold as some days before Christmas!!      Before you all get the violin and the tissues out,  I suppose it should be countered by the fact that it is MY CHOICE to work in an outdoor job – but it has been rather ‘challenging’ lately!!  I think it should all be summed up by one of my relations – seen over the festive period – who said – ‘I suppose all you ‘Outdoor People’ just go into hibernation over the winter, and reappear in the spring’!!    If only – I will put it in the Suggestion Box at the nursery!!!




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