By Jill | August 31st, 2012

Another month is almost gone – and we are about to move into September  – and into autumn.  I love this time of the year – there is no point moaning about the end of the summer – because September is often a combination of the best of both worlds – warm days and cool nights.

Conditions are hopefully going to promote excellent autumn colour in the trees.

We are already pushing ahead with our new catalogues – the new Hedging 2012-2013 catalogue is available at the nursery – and is available to download online.  Ornamental trees and fruit will soon follow.

Our Online Shop has had a revamp – and is now bursting with a new and exciting range of Ornamental Trees – these can be ordered now for despatch in November when dormant.  Do have a look – we have some really nice stuff on there this year!  Our popular Mixed Hedging Packs can also be ordered online – and a range of fruit trees and soft fruit will follow very shortly.

The planting season is not far away – make sure you get ahead this year!




By Jill | August 18th, 2012

The arable farmers are enjoying the current hot dry spell of weather allowing them to get on with the harvest – and we have just begun our own harvest here at the nursery.

The first of the new English apples is always something to look forward to – it seems a long time ago that we threw away the last of the Granny Smith and Sturmer Pippin from our Apple Store!

But now we have the first apples of a new season available for tasting in our Apple Shed – they are slightly later than I would normally expect – but that is the weather for you!   Beauty of Bath and Discovery are the two in season at the moment – Discovery is one of my favourite apples – it has a decent flavour – and to be able to eat it straight from the tree when it is still warm from the sun – well that is surely one of those little pleasure’s that make life worth living!

As the weeks go by – more and more varieties will appear in the Apple Shed for customers to taste – and if you like what you see – you can buy a tree and have your own!  A real Try before you Buy!!

We are set for the hottest weekend of the year – 31c is expected – the irrigation system is on a three-times a day programme – and we are trying to keep out of the tunnels in the afternoons – they went to 96F yesterday!   Amazing – just a few weeks ago we were under water – with the nursery flooded by a monsoon-like storm – but that is the British Summer for you!




By Jill | August 4th, 2012

Have you noticed how good the buddleias are this year??  They seem to have extra large flowers – particularly on the variety ‘Pink Delight’.   We have a whole section on our shrub sales area devoted entirely to these lovely shrubs with six different varieties.

However – they are also known as the Butterfly Bush – since they attract so many of these lovely things – but we have seen hardly any – other than the Cabbage White – and that is hardly welcome!   No doubt the awful weather has put paid to a lot of them – a real shame – it ain’t summer without them!!

On the nursery this week – the weather could not have been any different to the week before!   We ran our Summer Pruning Course on Tuesday 24th  – and in all honesty it was far too hot – no really – it was!  31c is just too much!   But the following Wednesday – the 1st August – was 17C!!!   Is it any wonder the plants do not know which way to turn!!

It is making life interesting with the irrigation of all the plants at the nursery – during the heat – everything dried out like crazy – and we ran a three-times a day water schedule to cope – this week – they are now too wet – so that has been reduced to once a day – that is a third of the water they required just 5 days before!!

It does seem to be a good growing year though – we have potted up many of the cuttings that were taken earlier in the year – and the success rate is excellent.  The growth of freshly-potted trees and shrubs has been astonishing – we are able to turn plants round from potting to sale in about three weeks at the moment  – which is not bad

However – the pest and disease issues are some of the worst ever seen – particularly on fruit – plums are really suffering at the moment – with aphid – brown rot – bacterial canker – and just about everything else!   Our next newsletter – with our tips on how to deal with all these problems – and more – will be out next week.  If you are currently not receiving our newsletter – and would like too – please drop us an email.



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