By Jill | November 27th, 2012

One of the most popular plants we stock are blueberries – we never seem to have enough of them!  We continually sell out and re-stock  – we now have them available again for planting before Christmas.

If you have never tried a blueberry before – then do give them a go!  Apart from the fact that the fruits are jolly expensive in the shops – the plant itself is simply lovely – with heather-like bell-shaped flowers in spring – and excellent red and orange autumn leaf colour – what more could you ask for from a plant!!  The only requirement they have is that they need an acidic soil – if yours is alkaline – fear not – they can be grown in pots or tubs of ericaceous compost – with Christmas around the corner – what a brilliant idea for something different for the keen gardener!!!




By Jill | November 27th, 2012

Despite floods, gales and problems beyond our control, OUR BARE-ROOT HEDGING IS NOW AVAILABLE!!

We have some superb quality plants this year – the wet summer has produced really lovely plants so new hedges planted in the next few weeks will romp away!!  Our popular hedging packs are always in demand so although we aim to be as quick as possible with orders – we do like to dig to order to ensure really-fresh plants  – so since we only have a limited amount of hedging plants pre-lifted  – if you are looking for a significant amount of hedging – please do ring the office and pre-order it to avoid delay. 

We also have our full range of Soft Fruit available – from currants to gooseberries and raspberries.   Bare-root plants tend to be larger than pot-grown and cheaper – so better from the budget point-of view!!

Again, due to the wet summer – our BARE-ROOT FRUIT TREES are also now available, from plums to gages and damsons – cherries, pears and quinces,medlars,almonds – the full ticket – come in and have a look!!




By Jill | November 3rd, 2012

Now is the time to think about planting a new hedge – our bare-root plants will still not be available for a few more weeks yet – but if you know what you want – you can still order in advance – get the pick of the crop – and we will let you know when the plants are ready for collection.

 All of our hedging is BRITISH GROWN – from three sites spread across the UK. We do not sell ANY hedging that is not of UK provenance.   Our popular HEDGING PACKS can now be ordered through the ONLINE SHOP  Or if you wish to see our full range of Hedging – check out the HEDGING CATALOGUE.

In a few weeks – we will also have our full range of bare-root SOFT FRUIT -and FRUIT TREES –  and these can also be pre-ordered. Check out our FRUIT CATALOGUE.   There is plenty of choice – so make this the year you grow your own fruit!!















By Jill | November 3rd, 2012

Everybody has seen the terrible news in the media about Ash trees and the fungal disease discovered in them recently.  We receive continual updates and bulletins from the Government Agency FERA – and at the current moment – there is a blanket ban on all movements of Ash plants or seeds within the UK.

So until further notice – WE ARE UNABLE TO SELL ANY ASH TREES OR HEDGING WHIPS.  The situation is under constant review – and let us all hope that it is not as bad as the pessimists suggest.   Any customers with existing orders for the coming planting season – please contact the office.

This disease has no effect on the Mountain Ash – Rowans – Sorbus family.  Mountain Ash is simply a common name – and it is not a true Ash – and therefore sales and that tree remain unaffected.


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