By Jill | January 12th, 2013

One of the most wonderful characters of trees is their bark – no other plant can really offer the majesty and spectacle of a well-grown tree.

The benefits of bark are often overlooked – especially in a winter garden.  With this cold snap we are now in – we are all craving colour in our gardens – yes of course there are a few reliable winter-flowering plants such as Winter Jasmine, Winter Honeysuckle, Viburnum and Mahonia that will give colour – but even these will wilt somewhat in a really sharp frost.

But bark – well it’s permanent!!  And on a frosty morning – it looks even more attractive!!  Unlike flowers or foliage – bark is also present for 12 months of the year.  Here at the nursery – we have a great range of trees with wonderful bark.  Everybody is familiar with Silver Birches – especially the Himalayan Birch – Betula jacquemontii – but there are others such as ‘Golden Cloud’ that has a fine white bark – and the added bonus of light yellow-green foliage in summer.   We also have the beautiful Chinese Red-Barked Birch with a long botanical name – Betula albosinensis var. alboseptentrionalis – a mouthful of a name for a lovely tree with a red/pink peeling bark.

Away from Birches – there is also the Tibetan Cherry – Prunus serrula ‘Tibetica’ – this has mahogany peeeling bark – the smoothest stem you could imagine – and just cries out to be rubbed and caressed each time you pass it!

There is also a red-orange stemmed Alder – Alnus incana ‘Aurea’ – for those of you with wet spots – this also has golden lime-green foliage in summer – and fabulous red catkins in spring – and finally for those with a very large garden – we have a wonderful Lime whose twigs are bright orange-red – lovely in the winter sunshine – Tilia cordata ‘Winter Orange’.

Planted over the next few weeks – any of these will enhance a garden – no matter how small – and no matter what the weather throws at us!!  See if you can squeeze one in your garden!!




By Jill | January 5th, 2013

A new Year has arrived!!   And with it – hopefully a change of weather!!

If like most of us – you feel that you need a boat to navigate your garden at the moment – then the fact that the long-range weather forecast says it is going to be a drier January – and mild is welcome news!!

One of the disadvantages of the nursery site here is that it is at the bottom of a slope – and water does run downhill!!  We have had the wettest autumn we can remember here – and even though the soil is river sand – many of our trees have felt more like they are living in a swamp than a nursery lately!!

However – most of the water does seem to have subsided – and the mild weather over Christmas and the New Year has re-invigorated us all to get back out in the garden and push on with those jobs that were impossible to do earlier.

The bulbs are all coming through – snowdrops will soon be in flower – and the catkins on the Hazels and Alders lengthen daily – if January is as mild as they suggest early hints of spring will very quickly become apparent.

If your soil is not a bog – now is the ideal time to get bare-root hedging and fruit trees planted – so that they can root away before spring arrives – we still have decent stocks of most items – and time spent in the next few weeks will get ahead before the mad rush of spring starts!



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