By Jill | February 23rd, 2013

The weather may well still be firmly stuck in winter – but here at the nursery we are looking ahead to spring!   We have literally just had a large lorry full of new specimen plants arrive – and these are now onto our sales areas.

If you are looking for screening plants – we have a range of large evergreens in stock.  We have Laurels in just about every size! – even some monster ones!

Photinias – Arbutus – Hollies – Figs – Lilacs – Pittosporums – Viburnums – Wisterias – Ribes – Clematis armandii on trellis frames – Ceanothus as trees and on trellis frames – Pyracanthas on frames – and as cones – Bay Laurels – and lots more besides.

Get ahead with your spring planting – come down and take a look!!





By Jill | February 23rd, 2013

Due to popular demand we have placed a larger selection of our bare-root hedging and our bare-root fruit trees onto our Online Shop site.As well as Mixed Packs – you can now also buy our popular British Native Hedging in Packs of 25.

We have a really good selection available – from Hawthorn,Field Maple,Hazel Nut,Beech and Blackthorn to Alder Buckthorn to attract the butterflies.  Most of these are available in two different sizes too – so as the bare-root season is drawing to a close – click on the link below and take a look!!






By Jill | February 9th, 2013

Yet another weekend with snow on the ground!!   I think most of us really have had enough of it now – the novelty has long since worn off!!

It makes our life so much more difficult on the nursery – everything is wet or frozen  – and horrid to touch!   But we push on – you have too – we are still busy lifting hedging and fruit tree orders.

The weather may still be wintry – but nature does not wait – and  already the signs of spring are all around – the hazel catkins in the hedges and woods – and many of the trees are starting to bud up.

February is a short month – thankfully – and we will soon be into March and spring – do not delay – push on with those jobs – you get nothing in gardening for being behind – there is no second prize!!

We are over half-way through our Grafting programme at the nursery – the ornamental trees are done – and now it is the largest of our propagation programmes – the apples that we are currently working on.   We have stock of 206 different varieties – but we only graft about 90 for sale – however we do like to offer them on a range of rootstocks – giving our customers the opportunity to grow fruit in even the smallest of space.

Talking of grafting – if you have ever wondered exactly how we do propagate all these thousands of trees – we are running a COURSE on GRAFTING on WEDNESDAY FEBRUARY 27TH – 10.30 – 12.30.   Check out our Course Page for full details.

Until then – we keep our fingers crossed for some milder weather!!




By Jill | February 1st, 2013

A new month – and it’s raining again!!

The old countrymen used to have a saying about February – as the title of this blog says the ‘fill dyke’ referred to the ditches – and how much water they would contain at this time of the year – at the moment they are definitely black with water – but only last week they were white with snow – and dare I say it- the weather forecasters suggest that there may be more white stuff to come!!

Enough of the weather – how nice it was to see the back of all that snow – and how good to see the snowdrops and the aconites poking through as if nothing had happened – the snow tends to act as an insulation against the extreme cold.   However – some of the evergreen slightly tender shrubs do not seem to have been so lucky – the Fatsias – Choisya and others are looking very drab at the moment – with brown patches on the leaves  – several of our customers have asked us what to do about it – the answer is nothing for the moment.  If we are to get more cold weather – it is best to leave them until March/April when it warms up and then make an assessment of the situation.

Talking about pruning – and if you have some doubts as to what you should be doing in your garden – why not come down to the nursery on Wednesday February 13th – and join our SHRUB PRUNING COURSE – this is a great chance to learn from the experts and have some fun at the same time!!!   Places must be pre-booked – for more info check out our COURSES page.











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