By Jill | June 21st, 2013

What an incredible year this is turning out to be!  This blog seems to continually focus on the weather – but it is impossible not to mention it since it seems to dominate our lives here at the nursery at the moment!

Take the week just gone – last Thursday and Friday it was warm and just lovely – about 21C – then on Saturday literally a monsoon hit the nursery – half an inch of rain in half an hour – a thunderstorm – and more importantly a hideous gale-force wind which gusted to 45 mph and knocked half of the nursery flat!!

You expect such strong winds in winter – but in the so-called summer – the damage to the trees when they are in full-leaf or with a potential crop load in terms of the fruit trees is there for all to see – we still have broken branches on some of the poor old trees!   They have had to put up with so much extreme weather in the last few months – from heavy snow to severe frost followed by cold winds and this week hail stones!!  Luckily a tree is a tough cookie and will survive most extremes.

But we are not down-hearted and we plough on regardless.  The nursery has never looked better in terms of some items – the foliage on some of the trees is so much larger and glossier than normal due to the plentiful moisture in the ground – and has anybody ever seen a better year for Wisteria flower???

Today is the longest day of the year – what a frightening thought that is – and it is the OFFICIAL start of summer – we shall see – the weather forecast for the weekend is certainly not looking promising – and the even better news is that one of the national newspapers suggests that we are going to have this sort of weather for the next ten years!!! Now there’s something to look forward too!!!




By Jill | June 8th, 2013

The Suffolk Show 2013 was a vast improvement on 2012  – we got a full two-day show this year after the cancellation of the second day due to high winds in 2012.

The weather in the run-up to the show was all over the place – and it made plant selection for our stand in the Flower Show Marquee very difficult – over 700 plants made up our stand- ranging from huge 20ft mature trees to shrubs and perennials.  The build began a full week before the actual show days – allowing us full access to the marquee before the other exhibitors began their stands.   We had one very major theme this year which was a celebration of our 20th birthday – Crown Nursery in it’s current form began in 1993 – so 2013 marked an important milestone for us.

The colours within the stand reflected the company uniform of green and purple – and we had a very bright striped deck painted in these exact colours with lollipop standard Ligustrum japonicum (Japanese Privet) rising up out of them which attracted a lot of interest.  An even more eye-catching display was the ground cover of Rhubarb around the base of trunks – many people were quite impressed with this!

If you did not make the Show – there are photos of the stand here at the nursery – and of course all of the plants that made up the stand are all back on the sales areas available to plant in your garden!  You can also see the Gold Medal that the judges awarded us.

Another major feature of our stand was an 18 year-old Judas Tree (Cercis siliquastrum) in full flower – this was a multi-trunk tree standing about 15ft tall – and attracted a lot of interest with it’s bright pink pea-like flowers sprouting direct from the trunk.  So much so – that someone purchased it off the stand!  We also had a number of Wisteria in full flower – this spring has produced some of the best Wisteria flower we have seen in recent years – and again we sold our large specimens direct off the stand!!

The main planting of smaller plants running through the trees  was a glorious mix of Ceanothus in full flower in combination with the old Suffolk Show favourite Foxgloves and Spiraea ‘Goldflame’ with Alliums and Aquilegias drifted through.

Many of you came to visit us over the two days – and we would like to thank you all for your very kind comments – they are much appreciated.  We are only a small team and the Suffolk Show is our hardest time of the year with very long hours for the staff – so the appreciation of all our efforts is very welcome.

The breakdown of the stand on the Thursday night was achieved in record time – and by the end of Friday everything was back at the nursery and in it’s original place. The Suffolk Show is a massive team effort – without many months of hard work from the team none of the wonderful show you see could take place – so I would like to say a huge ‘Thank You’ to the entire Crown Nursery team – we have cracked it once again!



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