By Jill | January 25th, 2014

What a wet week!  Every day has been wet here on the nursery – we are apparently drier than Jerusalem in the summer – but not at the moment!

Although nothing compared to the problems our friends in the West Country are having – every corner of the nursery seems to have a puddle or flood at the moment.  The ground is saturated – and cannot take any more water – yet there is no let-up – and more heavy rain is forecast in the next 48 hours.

One of the few disadvantages of being on the Suffolk coast is that weather tends to hang over us and not clear as quickly as further inland – and so it has been this week.  We have peered out at blue skies only a few miles away – while we continue in the deluge!

Such is life – but I guarantee by July we will be in the usual Suffolk drought – and praying for rain!




By Jill | January 25th, 2014

As we come into February – our 2014 course programme gets under way.  We have SHRUB PRUNING on Tuesday February 4th – and FRUIT TREE PRUNING on Wednesday February 5th – the Fruit course is SOLD OUT – but we already have a waiting list – and if there is sufficient demand – we may run an extra course.

Following on from this – we have THE ANCIENT ART OF GRAFTING on Wednesday February 26th – and we have added a new course – PLANTING OF TREES AND HEDGES on Saturday 1st March.

If you have never been on a course – they are great fun – certainly nothing like being at school!! – they are very informal – and run from 10-12.30 – so nothing too heavy!  All places must be pre-booked – so if you are interested please contact the office on 01394 460755.

See you there!



By Jill | January 11th, 2014

It’s January – in the depths of winter – and we all seek inspiration for our gardens at this time of the year.  Spring seems a long way off – but there are signs of a subtle change if you look for it.

The days are slowly lengthening – and the bulbs are pushing through.  The Hazel Catkins are already out in sheltered spots – and the continuing mild weather is ideal for getting on with planting – if you are not flooded out – and anything put in now will root quickly and get a head-start for the spring.

Here at the nursery – we have a number of displays reflecting WINTER-FLOWERING PLANTS – outside the office – there is a wonderful display of winter-flowering Jasmine, Viburnums, Christmas Box and Mahonias – and of course one of the beauties of many of the winter performers is that they are SCENTED.  We also have a display of WINTER BARK INTEREST – from the fantastic Birches to the Prunus serrula – and even the wonderful bright yellow colour of Willows.

And if it keeps on raining – well even then we have our new WINTER DISPLAY TUNNEL – packed full of evergreen goodies – like an Aladdin’s Cave of jewels – browse in the dry – out of the wind – and take time to admire these plants close-up.

There is plenty to look forward to  – there is no need for January to be a wash-out in the gardening year!




By Jill | January 11th, 2014

Happy New Year!!

Well 2014 seems to have carried on just as 2013 left off!!  Over the Christmas period, the weather – although mild was very rough to say the least.  We had only just got over the damage from the St Jude storm in late October – so further gale-force winds were very unwelcome.

Our poor tunnels seem to think they are on the front line at the moment – they get bashed and knocked about by gales practically every day – how fortunate are the plants that are safely stored away out of the worst of this weather.

Still – if we look back to last year – we were covered in the white stuff – so we must be grateful for small mercies I suppose. (but a little less rain and a lot less wind would be helpful!).



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