By Jill | February 15th, 2014

Despite the awful weather, we have been very busy on the sales front – so much so that we had sold out of a number of our bare-root fruit trees before Christmas – but now we have re-stocked with some more superb quality trees – so if you are looking to plant some trees before spring – and there is still plenty of time – then come down and see us!

We have Victoria and Marjorie’s Seedling plum – Pear Conference,Concorde,Doyenne du Comice and Louise Bonne of Jersey.  We also have Damsons, Greengages, and Sweet and Sour Cherries.  If Apples are your thing – we have Bramley,Discovery,James Grieve,Braeburn,Blenheim Orange, Red Pippin and Red Falstaff.

This is on top of our huge range of container-grown trees – you have got plenty of time until the end of March to get these in the ground – so get planting!!





By Jill | February 8th, 2014

What a horrid week!  When will it ever end!! Although nothing compared to our friends in the West Country, the nursery has again been battered by gale-force winds and swamped by continuous heavy rain. Ground conditions for lifting bare-root hedging have been attrocious at times – but we have persevered and managed to continue to supply most of our customers requirements.

In this dull and depressing time – it is easy to feel very down – but one of the joys of gardening is that there is always new life and hope to look forward too – and despite the hideous weather – the days are getting longer – the nights and mornings lighter – and evidence of a new season can be seen – in the hedges the Hazel Catkins are looking great at the moment.

For some reason there is much snobbery about catkins – people say they don’t have pretty flowers – well we disagree!!  Take a closer look and you will see a fascinating flower – many of our trees have catkins on at the nursery at the moment.  From the Hazels and Cobnuts grown for their fruit – to the Alders – they are about to start – and have their purple tassels that lengthen each day.

And the even better thing about both the Hazel and the Alder – they are tolerant of very wet sites!  So – in current climates that is a most useful attribute!



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