Summer has arrived …. for now

By Jill | June 17th, 2015

We are loving this glorious weather and making the most of it, while it lasts!  The plants are all growing well and looking gorgeous.

We have received a few enquiries concerning thinning the crops of the younger and newly planted fruit trees.  The June drop will begin soon, when the fruits that are damaged or not fertilised properly naturally drop off.  After this has occurred, it is best to do a bit of hand thinning otherwise the tree may not have the energy to produce flowers next year.  If the tree looks healthy and green, then thin each cluster to around two fruit, or if the tree looks weaker, then make it only one fruit per cluster.

The sales areas have a wonderful variety of colours on display.  You can still have a think about any gaps you have in your borders and come and choose some plants which will give your summer garden a colourful and beneficial display.  The lavender and buddleia plants as well as many, many others will attract all those beneficial insects and bring your garden to life.  Enjoy the scent of the summer flowers and get the most out of the aromatic foliage present in plants available at this time of year.

Make the most of the great British Summer, which we believe normally happens for one day in July or August 🙂


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