Cherry Trees

Both sweet and acid cherries originate in the woods of Britain from Prunus avium (sweet) and Prunus cerasus (acid).  Sweet cherries require sun, acid ones can tolerate shade.  They both prefer a deep, fertile, well drained, but moisture retentive soil. Some are self-fertile, some are not, so require a pollinator – see individual descriptions.

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Morello SF

A compact, heavy and regular cropping tree, producing excellent cooking cherries,although never sweet enough for dessert. The fruits are large, dark red and round. Ripens August/September. Produces fruit on one year old wood, and subsequently bears fruit only on young shoots. Ideal for North walls.


Stella SF

The most reliable of cherries. A good quality large, very dark red fruit, juicy and sweet. Ripens late July

Stella Compact SF

A slightly less vigorous form of the popular Sweet Cherry – this cultivar is around 25% smaller than the standard Stella. Dark red fruits are produced in late July.  Full sun and fertile soil preferred.

Sunburst SF

A high quality, very large, black dessert cherry, firm with a good flavour. Very heavy yield. Pick July.

White Heart

An unusual variety with yellow fruit with a glistening white background. Sweet and juicy – needing Stella or Sunburst for pollination.


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